Single-engine plane crashed into the residential area in Bursa. 2 people on the plane lost their lives in the crash, while 5 vehicles were damaged by the fire.

The crash took place at around 15.00 in Sarigul Street of Baglarbası Neighborhood in the central Osmangazi district. A single-engine plane crashed into the area near Yunuseli Airport. The plane crashed between the houses and caught fire. 5 vehicles on the street caught flames. Explosions occurred from time to time due to fire. The crash caused panic among the residents of the neighborhood. Upon notice, a large number of firefighters, police, health, and AFAD teams were sent to the region. While the firefighters responded and brought the fire under control, it was determined that 2 people on the plane lost their lives.


Governor Yakup Canbolat and Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas gave statements regarding the crash. Governor Canbolat said, “2 houses and vehicles damaged. 2 pilots died. We think it may be due to technical reasons. This is a civilian training plane. Only pilots passed away, no one was injured among the residents. Only 2 houses and vehicles were damaged. I am deeply sorry for our loss.”

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas said, “I’m deeply sorry to hear what happened. An 'ultralight' type aircraft with 2 people on board. No injuries or deaths among the residents. The vehicles started to burn with the explosion. The vehicles were parked. Details will emerge shortly.”