The ever-growing increase in global climate changes reminds us of the necessity to protect the nature. Preferring environmentally friendly products and making difference in respect of our approach to sustainability are also of great sensitivity now for the events.  Istanbul Jewelry Show organized by Informa Markets aims at raising awareness as regards sustainability and connecting people with the networks and information in assisting them to resolve the challenges regarding jewelry thus ensuring the sector to further develop its own sustainability.   

 Istanbul Jewelry Show builds its sustainability efforts on 3 fundamental goals: helping the sector by inspiring sustainable development, increasingly turning the fair into a more environmentally sensitive forum every single day, and organizing the fair with the cognizance of social responsibilities. The fair provides support to designers, workshops, vocational high schools and universities with a view to inspiring sustainable development and assisting the jewelry sector.      

At the fair, several environmentally sensitive works draw attention to the importance of this particular topic. Details come to the fore during this activity as decreasing the number of printed materials to reduce carbon emissions, recycle  the name badges and carpets used in the fair, saving electricity with the use of LED technology, holding visitor surveys with a tablet on an on-line format with a view to reducing the use of papers, and ensuring the access of the participants and visitors to the fair ground via mass transportation  in order to minimize the CO2 emissions.     

98 tons of garbage were collected and recycled during the lastly held fair of March 2022. The use of plastics at food and beverage sections of the fair was minimized and services were provided with the use of recyclable products. The food not used during the fair event were sorted out to be further provided to the relevant animal shelters.  


 The fair initiates the use of renewable electricity by 2022 to contribute to the journey that Informa Markets embarks on achieving Net Zero emissions in carbon footprints. 

The fair makes an indelible impression in respect of its contributions to not only the sectors that it addresses to, but also to the region by which it is surrounded. The event comes to the fore with the participation of food and beverages companies, and offers its visitors and participants  accommodation options nearby the fair thus contributing to the local economy around the fair and supporting  reduction of the carbon foot prints of the participants and visitors. 

The fair shares with its stakeholders the outputs of its entire works regarding sustainability throughout the year, and provides support to the participants and visitors in creating awareness on sustainability. The fair also calls on the fair participants to ensure that their stands be reused and be prepared with the sustainability-oriented products, and implements the necessary rules.     

The fair to be held at Istanbul Exhibition Center on 6-9 October 2022 raises the responsibilities regarding sustainability and continues to provide flow of information with regard to a transition into a sustainable ecosystem in the sector.